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90’s angst, grunge music references, packed full of nostalgic references and a young man afraid of losing his humanity—this is the book you’ve been looking for!

12-year-old Jeremy suffers insomnia and hallucinations as well as a deep desire not to conform. He lives in a perpetual state of inner conflict like so many of us do while searching for the meaning of it all. What’s an existential crisis without grunge music?

Jeremy’s fear of losing his humanity and getting violet due to lack of sleep will lead him down a path of self-discovery.

But sometimes, not knowing the truth is better. Because the narrator’s mind is playing tricks on him in the worst possible way. Can he learn about and solve the unknown problems plaguing him before it’s too late and his whole life falls apart? Or is he doomed to forever be stuck in an unexpected place?

Follow young Jeremy and a narrator at war with himself navigate the 90’s and search for meaning in life by getting your copy of Generation Angst, now!

Generation Angst